Autum Inspiration - Travel with Increscent to Little Venice

Autum Inspiration -  Travel with Increscent to Little Venice

Since the autumn hues have been a prominent part of our collections here's where our inspiration came from - The Little Venice.

Don't let the name confuse you, this one is London’s very own, Little Venice!

For all those planning a trip to London this time of the year, can we say this is the most beautiful walk in London? Well yes!

A hidden gem. An autumn paradise. An oasis in Central London with something special hovering in the air the autumn season.  All imaginable hues of yellow, rust and red. Bristling leaves floating delicately towards the ground, the golden sunlight, it's nothing short of magical. 

Little Venice London, Autumn        The colourful boats lining the canal, often decorated with roses and castle motifs, a tradition that has lasted since the nineteenth maida wale, little venice during autumn Wild berries giving us a complete colour inspiration.

 swans at maida vale regents canal, little venice london

Head to Cafe Laville  right over the Regent's Canal. A popular place to stop for a cup of tea or a meal complimented with a great view. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and feature lip smacking Italian food. 

If simply taking a walk around this quaint neighbourhood isn't enough, you can get yourself a houseboat too!