The Pre-Loved Project

The fashion industry is amongst the largest polluting industries in the world and we are trying to change that, taking a small step at a time. We makeshop our pieces to last, but we also acknowledge the fact that you might not want to hold on to a piece forever since tastes change with time. Our goal is to save these pieces from reaching the landfill, we are now building a bridge to pass on these beautifully cared for garments from their previous owners into new hands to start a brand new chapter. The products listed under, have been pre-love and cared for by their previous owners or a pre used fabric used was repurposed into another one of our beautiful designs making them one of a kind. 

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Dreaming of a vintage vibe coupled with floral patterns, the Eden dress will effortlessly carry you to the 1970s. Concocting the comfortable and peaceful, flower power aura.
Niharika Singh in Jaipur
One of the things that I really like is the good tailoring and the nice fabric used for the different styles. The dresses are easy to wear, and you can dress them up and down with accessories and shoes to fit most occasions. My favourite right now is the Lenno dress. In love the flowy silhouette and the flattering fit.
Sanne Moller in Denmark
I'm so happy with this gorgeous flowy Elise blouse! The colour, the fall, the bohemian vibe, the comfort- it pulls together my entire look. This is already one of my best buys in 2019!
Anya Gupta in Chandigarh
With free-flowing designs, their sustainable clothing line is my favourite stop whenever I need something in trend, yet classic. Like the Emma Wrap Dress.
Wamika Shekhawat in Delhi


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